1. Psychological state of being tense.
  2. Condition of being held in a state between two or more forces, which are acting in opposition to each other
  3. (physics) (engineering) State of an elastic object which is stretched in a way which increases its length.
  4. (physics) Voltage. Usually only the terms low tension, high tension, and extra-high tension, and the abbreviations LT, HT, and EHT are used. They are not precisely defined; LT is normally a few volts, HT a few hundreds of volts, and EHT thousands of volts.

7 letters in word "tension": E I N N O S T.

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en ens eon eons eosin es est et in inn inns ins inset into intone io ion ions ios is iso it its ne neist neon neons nest net nets nie nies nine nines nis nit nite nites niton nitons nits no noes noint noints noise non none nones nonet nonets nos nose not note notes oe oes oi oint oints on one ones ons onset onst os ose sei sen sennit sent senti set seton si sien sient sin sine sinnet sit site snit snot so son sone sonne sonnet sot st stein sten steno stie stone stonen stonn stonne te ten tennis tenno tennos tenon tenons tens tenson tes ti tie ties tin tine tines tins tis to toe toes toise ton tone tones tonies tonne tonnes tons tose